Supreme and me record him venting on his feelings about the ‘race problem” in hip-hop. what do you think?


The NEW AGE of hip hop!

It’s been some time since I’ve wrote anything or posted anything. Life can sometimes send you on a unfamiliar trip , that take’s time to get back to what one deems normal.

Was inspired bye recent posts that got my wheels turning a bit. The NEW AGE , of hip hop. Is not so much “New” in my opinion , but as some of my people have heard me say, more like the second coming of lyricist.

After some years of mumbling around with a mic in people’s hand , and calling it hip hop simply because the industry says it is. I took it as a slap in the face. For many “”OLD HEADS” ,and many young , and up an coming artist , I believe set out to show what it is to be engulfed in hip hop culture.

So my theory is that I can’t remember a time where I can be showed a dope artist out of nowhere, and from a breading ground not a custom to birthing a dope Crew, producers, DJ, lyricist. Sometimes seems as if they multiple overnight, from the spit of the last dope emcee holding the mic. The Rowdy Gremlins of the underground. It’s as if the thought of being called a Mumble rapper , has everyone proving through barz , that they are far from it . It’s inspired a new generation of artist , and brought some familiar one’s out of the dungeon to remind the masses that mastering this art form takes skill, and serious dedication honing there craft. It’s pushing artist to express themselves in ways I haven’t heard since the golden era. There not sounding the same because it’s gone globally.

Hip Hop has always been a underground scene. it’s mere existence is the underground. I use to have to search for the crack that was needed for my fix. Now it’s everywhere if you just open your eyes , and ears while turning off the tracks that have been shoved down the Masses throats while saying it’s dope, before your allowed to make up one’s mind. That can end if you so choose. You may not know the words to the blah blah song that’s hot for the following 3 weeks. But you could here individuals teach, preach ,story tell, share expierence , and many other things through speach if you choose. Huge platforms available in the digital age has made it fairly easy. Most of the time the artist are individuals, instead of the follower’s of trends, and lack of a thought. Most so called hottest artist in hip hop have regurgitated opinions, trends, from the so called people in the know about the culture. Even writing about it has me Mumbling on , and could do this for hour’s. What’s your opinion ? How are you feeling about the state of hip hop?


Why are you here???

It’s a simple question that has many complex answers. Some people are here just for the entertainment. Some just like the beats. Others come for the display of skills from the emcees and dj’s. While others have no real idea what is really going on and are only here to follow trends. So I ask you….


I grew up in El Paso Texas a place on the map that is sectioned off and isolated from the rest of the country. A place that is over two thousand miles from the birthplace of Hip Hop and the everyday struggle that gave birth to a new and exciting culture. Yet because of the circumstances of the place I’m from I still feel a deep connection with the art form.

A culture and artform that has arisen from poverty and oppression. Many people now view hip hop as just rap music ignoring the true original four elements of what was there in the beginning. For those that don’t know or care to remember those four elements that came together to forge the beginning are the Emcee. The DJ. The Graffiti artist. And the Break dancer (bboy).

These four elements came together as one to provide outlets for boredom, expression, and the delivering of a message. Kids would take over the parks and HipHop to survive. For many of them it was the most important thing they had in their lives.

So pretty much to answer my own question, why am I here? I’m here because Hip Hop is my survival method in a world that is designed against the common man. Its a tool that I use prominently in the battle against tyranny and oppression.

In other words I am here for “the message.”

If you make music without heartfelt feelings and emotions, if your not speaking up and standing up for those who can’t for themselves then what’s the point? When hip hop was in its infant stages most didn’t understand the impact it could have. Most don’t understand it to be the beginning of a revolution.

A revolution that we must fight for change. A revolution that must lead to equality and justice. So ask yourself again, why are you here. Is it just to be entertained? Or are you only here to take away from the endgame.

Having said all that I figured that I’d leave you with a new track called:




As u listen to the track think to yourself what message is being conveyed and what is actually being delivered.


Letter From Supreme Allah Magnetic


                My name is Supreme Allah. I’ve been incarcerated since January, 2011. And while I’m by no means completely innocent of crime, I, like a lot of inmates or people in America, have been overcharged, over punished, and not given any real hope of being a member of mainstream society. The judicial system in Connecticut (where I’m currently locked up) seems to be in the business of starting with an arrest, and then piling charges on to make sure the pleads guilty to something. The prosecutors then threaten absurd amounts of prison time during pre-trial conferences compelling defendants to waive their right to a fair trial out of fear of a lengthy term of incarceration. Judges, in turn, impose obscene amounts of special parole, or probation that are nearly impossible to complete. One in three inmates is sure to return on a technical violation ranging from curfew violation to non-completion of programs. This fully corrupt system of Mass Incarceration is weakening our country by tearing families apart needlessly while simultaneously failing to address inmates mental, educational, or social needs. But we all know the criminal “justice” system is not about justice at all. No, it’s about job security for correctional officers who do no “correcting” unless it’s spelling errors while texting. Or counselors who barely understand what counseling is. All this is possible because the D. O. C. has virtually zero oversight and the courts are more concerned with punishment than justice. This practice of “arrest first” has got to stop. I think it’s fair to say we all know somebody who’s been overcharged and/or over sentenced. And everyone should know the police reports that the media repeats almost verbatim are not exactly how things always happened. Why is America locking up its own without mercy or discretion? As a M. C. brother, son, and father who admits to making mistakes, I’m asking all hip-hop fans and all people affected by MASS Incarceration to show support and help end this injustice by donating $2.99 for my new album. A percentage of the proceeds go to the Prison University Project. Thanks in advance for supporting freedom.

                                                                                                                                                                                P. E. A. C. E.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Supreme Allah Magnetic






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