The cat from Cali drop’s album..

R.SPARKS is the name, and his album has dropped. For anyone looking for a burst of energetic vibes , with complex bars slamming into you cranium this album is for you . I checked it out , and to say the least there are some Banger’s on here with excellent replay value . Great features with the likes of SUPREME ALLAH , KARNEVOR, And more!

This hasn’t been out long ,but sure to keep on shuffle and just roll to it.

Didn’t see these cats doing a track like this!

Check this track out. Saw these guys, before Fergie was added , and thought I would have heard plenty of this type of tracks from the artist. I can get with more of this from these guys!! Pleasantly surprised to say the least.


Supreme Allah.  Again voicing is displeasure with the industry , and it’s ” mumble rap” stars. While some have taken a step back from that argument with a some sort of acceptance. Other die hard fans and acts in the industry demand a certain skill set in order to be honored in blessing the mic with there stories. This diss track doesn’t hold back so enjoy it. 

What’s the chance the before mentioned artists being dissed on this track respond???????

Both Sides of The Pond PROMO

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This Instrumental was produced by Hedges!!! Check out his Soundcloud for more info.

If you would like to hear more from Supreme Allah… He is very active on his Soundcloud.