Rollz and Dice .

Just want to share a show here about a couple of artist doing a show about Artist.

Rollz, and Dice do a live show , with special guest SUPREME ALLAH every Monday night at 9 pm Eastern time. It’s a platform for artist , with a great live chat room filled with you guessed it actual artist . The conversation is about current events in the music industry , technology, trends, and array of great up , and coming artist that you will usually find in the chat room itself .

Get your music heard ! Network with the artist they may have just played. I honestly can’t think of a bad track they have played yet on the show , and I’m a frequent viewer .

They do excellent interviews with artist. Consist of a get to know the artist , what makes them click, and inspires them ect, ect. Highly recommend engaging in the chat room. Over all it’s a enjoyable show , that shows a glimpse into the world of creating music , and the work that is put in doing so . I will drop a link for the show , subscribe , like, and get in the live chat room for excellent conversations about what’s going on, the musician, or track that is being played at that moment.

Didn’t see these cats doing a track like this!

Check this track out. Saw these guys, before Fergie was added , and thought I would have heard plenty of this type of tracks from the artist. I can get with more of this from these guys!! Pleasantly surprised to say the least.

RETURN OF THE ALPHA MALE!! What was the thinking behind a left field statement bye Kanye??

Listen to Return Of The Alpha Male(f!@# Kanye West)PROD. LEOPOLD STAFF BEATS by supreme allah magnetic #np on #SoundCloud


Come out to play!!


Fresh from the sunny coast of California.  Stumbled upon this gem of a albulm. One of the better cypher tracks I’ve heard in awhile in “BREAKING OFF STYLES” First track I heard , and led me to listen to the whole thing. 


Yes it’s early. This album is probably won’t come as a surprise to fans. 

The Reflecting Sea (Welcome to a New Philosophy)

by Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic

This is worth a listen to hip hop head, or in my opinion any homosapiens,alien,or anything with ears, or work as such. If the first track don’t getcha. Wait. If the second don’t, I would advise to still continue.  The Washington DC , product put together a album where each track rolls into the next , with tempo change and a since of cohesiveness that hits the mark. Raw Poetic. The emcee are as the name suggest Poetic. Smooth delivery, at any speed the beat called for. Damu has long been one of my sneaky favorites. Always throwing a cut in for acquaintance just to wait for them to ask who’s this? Said for several years he is the overused word underrated producer, dj, musician, and if the likes of the legend Pete Rock, which put out a hittn album not long ago draws your head to bob profusely. You will not be disappointed. But for the GRAMMY people out there make a note , set a reminder , just don’t forget about this. TO DAMU, AND RAW.  THANK YOU!!


Thoughts and prayers go out to well respected emcee, producer, MF DOOM, lost his 14 year old son, Malachi Ezekiel Dumile passed away.  Cause has not been made public but the former KMD member anouced today that he was no longer with him. 

Thoughts and prayers go to him , friends and family for there lost. 


Something long rumored, then later confirmed bye the man himself. Does Kendrick Lamar’s new album Damn played backwards have a message in it? This is the full album being played backwards. You be the judge and feel free to drop some comments on your conclusion.

Looking back on 2017 in hip hop! What are some of albums/ artists/tracks, will take with you into 2018 or beyond?


Reflecting back on 2017 in hip hop, or just ones personal experience during the year. I asked myself through the ups , and downs of what’s called life. What music dropped that will resonate , or bring me back to the exact place and time 5 years from now. This year brought alot of bangers from the new school , vets, and biggest of the time period. I went with this binarystar album. Crew rarely talked about. Haven’t been caught off guard like that in awhile . Didn’t see it, or hear about it just found it about 5 days after it dropped. There’s plenty more just thought for some it could be a hidden gem.  What are some of yours??