Mondays’ Classic Mixtape – French Montana V.S. Supreme Allah


This mixtape is something special, he released this almost 7 years ago before getting locked up.

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Kool Keith Says Current Rappers Kill Their Albums With Feature Overloads

NEW YORK, NY – As the news begins to circulate that Dr. OCTAGON\ — Kool Keith, Dan The Automator andDJ Qbert — is releasing a follow-up to the 1996 classic, Dr. Octagonecologyst, its sole MC is readying himself for the onslaught of press requests he will undoubtedly have to field in the coming months. Thankfully, the New York native, who is traditionally difficult to get on the phone, was open to revisiting his golden era glory days and reflecting on the creation of one of Hip Hop’s most coveted albums, one he suspected would become an undeniable classic.

The hip hop legend feels that artist flood their albums,mixtapes,e.p.’s and singles with to many features. showing a lack of material or even energy. listen to this song off his 1996 six classic and observe Keith not name drop other rappers or have someone harmonizing in the background like alot of these artist he speaks about. One thing for sure true school fans will have a treat with this new album.

Kendrick Lamar, Drake & Rap’s Cold War

My question is this: If Kendrick Lamar has hostility towards certain other rappers, why does’nt he call their names out? Certainly he could call them out for a face to face battle! Instead of engaging the “cold war” by calling them out whoever did’nt take him up on the challange would be shamed and by defualt  prove his superiority. j. cole seems to be passive and opposed to direct confrontation with other rappers. I hope for a return to m.c.’s addressing their issues head on. stay tuned!

supreme allah