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Why the human tragedy going on at this very moment in Libya, don’t get the front page, or main story in every informative platform. Is beyond my ability to comprehend how there are very few conversations about slave, child , and sex trafficking going on.

M. C. Supreme Allah Magnetic Reaches His Arm Between The Bars


The Message

Supreme Allah coincidentally is detained at Brooklyn CI, the same facility as Ryan Thompson. Having himself been a victim of a child protections agency (DCF) and criminal justice system that failed both him and tens of thousands of other young men and women in CT. He is releasing the album WDBI while still behind bars.

  • approx. 2 million men across America are locked up NOW. These men are your brothers, sons, fathers, husbands brothers and neighbors, not just a number.
  • approx. 1 out 80 caucasian men incarcerated
  • approx. 1 out of 8 African American men are incarcerated
  • more than half are in for non-violent offenses
  • State of Connecticut spends upwards of $1B/year roughly $44,000/inmate
  • State of California spends upwards or $9B/year
It would be beneficial and more productive to our society to educate not incarcerate. 75% of all inmates WILL return to prison according to the department of justice.

Donate $2.99 for the album at where a percentage of all proceeds will be given to support of Prison University project.

If YOU are not part of the solution YOU are part of the Problem!!!
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