This seems 2 be a trend where police officers are held accountable 4 shooting unarmed blacks in america!
I’m really glad justice seems 2 be served in alot of these shooting lately. The sad part is this kid was running from a drive by shooting that had nothing to do with him. Hopefully his family is o.k.

Feeling good!!!! – SoundCloud. Little taste of what the man has been working on.

Listen to Feeling good!!!! by Josh Swacina #np on #SoundCloud

Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

Does Hick Hop Have A Right To Exist?

With the current unrest in our country surrounding the Confederate flag and monuments to the Confederacy, it is the perfect time to show where we – as the hip hop community – stand on this issue. We are hip hop, a culture created in the ghettos of NYC by people of color, most of them descendants of former slaves. While we all might feel similarly when it comes to these representations of the Confederacy, our brothers and sisters who represent the Hick Hop sector of our community may disagree. Are they a part of our community? Hip Hop is all about free speech and expression, right? Or nah? Does Hick Hop have a right to exist? Let’s break it down…

Supreme Allah – *NEW* Raining Cats and Dogs (Mr. Trump No More War)

Kendrick Lamar, Drake & Rap’s Cold War

My question is this: If Kendrick Lamar has hostility towards certain other rappers, why does’nt he call their names out? Certainly he could call them out for a face to face battle! Instead of engaging the “cold war” by calling them out whoever did’nt take him up on the challange would be shamed and by defualt  prove his superiority. j. cole seems to be passive and opposed to direct confrontation with other rappers. I hope for a return to m.c.’s addressing their issues head on. stay tuned!

supreme allah