I’m gonna start bye saying thanks to all the Djs out there that can still rock a party for 10 hour’s ,with just a couple of milk crates of ole trusties from your record addiction!(Yes it’s a addiction), anybody that are homies, family , friends , co-workers, know this tobe true. I’m thankful for there relentless pursuit of digging for that one record that truly inspires them to create with what was found in the dirty basement of a former record shop owner from back in the day .

Anyways Dj NU -MARK , that some may recall from his days with the crew JURASSIC 5, took his delightful turntablist ear , and joined METHOD MAN, for 2 minutes on a track called Zodiac Killa!!!

METH let’s you know from the start how hard this goes, and of course he flow’s as hard over the top of the man on the one’s , and two’s, for a colab I wasn’t expecting, or imagining to happen. If your a fan of either you shall dig this.