Faded Thru These Speakers Feat RoachClip – SoundCloud

Listen to Faded Thru These Speakers Feat RoachClip by RoachClip #np on #SoundCloud


Watch “Supreme Allah Mcdonalds freestyle PT.2” on YouTube


BACK AT IT!!  Supreme, feeding lyrics for for new years! Be safe out there. 

SHARE!! What’s been in heavy rotation this year? 

I recently noticed that Spotify had made me a top 100 songs playlist of the tracks I played most for the year 2017. My list is a wide variety of artist that kept my head bobbing all year. Just made me curious what others may or could be bumping out there. Drop some links , or a playlist , doesn’t have to be from Spotify, could just be that one cut that will ride for the long haul. This is mine give it a browse, and I shall do the same for yours. Let’s hear it! 


Both Sides of The Pond PROMO

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This Instrumental was produced by Hedges!!! Check out his Soundcloud for more info.


If you would like to hear more from Supreme Allah… He is very active on his Soundcloud.