Did Kendrick Lamar borrow artist D.Zign flow and cadence?

WOW! Did Kendrick Lamar actually bite D.Zign’s style on DNA? All evidence supports that he did! Is Kendrick getting so much fame that he’s losing his creative spark? let us know if you think the compton m.c. is losing HIS flow.

KOTD – Rap Battle – Rone vs Head I.C.E. (Title Match)

The battle between Head Ice & Rone was super intense. Most battle fans say Head Ice automatically has crowds on his side becuase of his o.g. status and being from Harlem. No one can deny his comedic timing. But Rone had some serious punchlines and metaphors in round one. Do you think Head Ice deserves to be the KOTD?

Kendrick Lamar, Drake & Rap’s Cold War

My question is this: If Kendrick Lamar has hostility towards certain other rappers, why does’nt he call their names out? Certainly he could call them out for a face to face battle! Instead of engaging the “cold war” by calling them out whoever did’nt take him up on the challange would be shamed and by defualt  prove his superiority. j. cole seems to be passive and opposed to direct confrontation with other rappers. I hope for a return to m.c.’s addressing their issues head on. stay tuned!

supreme allah