Rollz and Dice .

Just want to share a show here about a couple of artist doing a show about Artist.

Rollz, and Dice do a live show , with special guest SUPREME ALLAH every Monday night at 9 pm Eastern time. It’s a platform for artist , with a great live chat room filled with you guessed it actual artist . The conversation is about current events in the music industry , technology, trends, and array of great up , and coming artist that you will usually find in the chat room itself .

Get your music heard ! Network with the artist they may have just played. I honestly can’t think of a bad track they have played yet on the show , and I’m a frequent viewer .

They do excellent interviews with artist. Consist of a get to know the artist , what makes them click, and inspires them ect, ect. Highly recommend engaging in the chat room. Over all it’s a enjoyable show , that shows a glimpse into the world of creating music , and the work that is put in doing so . I will drop a link for the show , subscribe , like, and get in the live chat room for excellent conversations about what’s going on, the musician, or track that is being played at that moment.

The cat from Cali drop’s album..

R.SPARKS is the name, and his album has dropped. For anyone looking for a burst of energetic vibes , with complex bars slamming into you cranium this album is for you . I checked it out , and to say the least there are some Banger’s on here with excellent replay value . Great features with the likes of SUPREME ALLAH , KARNEVOR, And more!

This hasn’t been out long ,but sure to keep on shuffle and just roll to it.

Song’s of the year you might have missed.

So I come across all these site’s banging out there top 50 , or top tracks of the year. Most all of them are people just checking the billboard charts , and deciding what they are bye number’s. My ear don’t hear number’s though . So I put together a playlist of a 100 songs from the year in hip hop , without duplicating a artist unless featured.

This was a damn good year for hip hop , and 50 didn’t cut it . It could have been 250 when putting this together. A hundred songs went quick. For the most part I kept it out of the mainstream. If you hear a dope track Chance is there are more on the same album or in there catalog, so check it out ! If there are enough comments I will start a playlist for people to add to it.

Everyone has had this feeling at least once in there life.

Just thought I would post a track that is relatable to anyone who has had a job. Wether it was in the past , or recently I bet they have felt close to what is portrayed in these lyrics. It’s dope, and if you feel like sharing your experience, please do. Trade war stories.


I’m gonna start bye saying thanks to all the Djs out there that can still rock a party for 10 hour’s ,with just a couple of milk crates of ole trusties from your record addiction!(Yes it’s a addiction), anybody that are homies, family , friends , co-workers, know this tobe true. I’m thankful for there relentless pursuit of digging for that one record that truly inspires them to create with what was found in the dirty basement of a former record shop owner from back in the day .

Anyways Dj NU -MARK , that some may recall from his days with the crew JURASSIC 5, took his delightful turntablist ear , and joined METHOD MAN, for 2 minutes on a track called Zodiac Killa!!!

METH let’s you know from the start how hard this goes, and of course he flow’s as hard over the top of the man on the one’s , and two’s, for a colab I wasn’t expecting, or imagining to happen. If your a fan of either you shall dig this.


Supreme told me about his favorite m.c. M.F. Doom so i googled him and this video by rhymesayers just came up. From what i heard about, this song came out in like 1998? (i’m 19 lol!) Anyway, this video is hella dope and creative. Now im gonna find some more M.F. Doom music!


I’m sure most people reading this has either seen or been in a freestyle environment before. Wether it be with your crew , a show , or riding bye yourself in a car kicking one to yourself. It’s how every written song has been written or conceived. Could be to yourself or out loud in my opinion. I once heard that every song was started bye a freestyle , and most freestyles start with something once written. Regardless it’s not a easy thing to do. To formulate rhymes, punchlines, metaphors , on the fly about any subject at hand or about something said, seen or told is talent to say the least.

I say this because it’s the basis , and beginning for almost any artist that’s picked up a mic. Usually starts in a circle with friends with a beat box , or a simple beating of a table to produce something that can make a crowd react.

Adrenaline rush that’s frozen in the moment when hearing something that has everyone going ooooooooooh !!!!!

Comrad Camp, just so happens to have a artist that does this exact thing, and gives it to all of us hip hop heads every Monday , on his Monday MASSACRE on SoundCloud SUPREME ALLAH!!! He’s been doing this for 60 weeks straight now , and counting. Countless themes , beats , current events all part of the content. I’m gonna leave a sample of some of them that I put on a playlist to check out. Go to the man’s profile , and follow him so you don’t miss what he has in store for you every Monday. He is on all platforms you can think of for music .

Listen to TOP OF THE DOME MONDAY’S by Josh Swacina #np on #SoundCloud

Part 2 To Supreme’s Talk On Race In Hip-HOP! (LIL XAN RESPONSE AS WELL)

I sat down with supreme allah and recorded him given more thoughts on race in hip-hop and his view on the term “hating”. He also tslks a little about newer rappers sense of entittlement. what do you think about the Lil Xan ype rappers?

Supreme and me record him venting on his feelings about the ‘race problem” in hip-hop. what do you think?