Why are you here???

It’s a simple question that has many complex answers. Some people are here just for the entertainment. Some just like the beats. Others come for the display of skills from the emcees and dj’s. While others have no real idea what is really going on and are only here to follow trends. So I ask you….


I grew up in El Paso Texas a place on the map that is sectioned off and isolated from the rest of the country. A place that is over two thousand miles from the birthplace of Hip Hop and the everyday struggle that gave birth to a new and exciting culture. Yet because of the circumstances of the place I’m from I still feel a deep connection with the art form.

A culture and artform that has arisen from poverty and oppression. Many people now view hip hop as just rap music ignoring the true original four elements of what was there in the beginning. For those that don’t know or care to remember those four elements that came together to forge the beginning are the Emcee. The DJ. The Graffiti artist. And the Break dancer (bboy).

These four elements came together as one to provide outlets for boredom, expression, and the delivering of a message. Kids would take over the parks and HipHop to survive. For many of them it was the most important thing they had in their lives.

So pretty much to answer my own question, why am I here? I’m here because Hip Hop is my survival method in a world that is designed against the common man. Its a tool that I use prominently in the battle against tyranny and oppression.

In other words I am here for “the message.”

If you make music without heartfelt feelings and emotions, if your not speaking up and standing up for those who can’t for themselves then what’s the point? When hip hop was in its infant stages most didn’t understand the impact it could have. Most don’t understand it to be the beginning of a revolution.

A revolution that we must fight for change. A revolution that must lead to equality and justice. So ask yourself again, why are you here. Is it just to be entertained? Or are you only here to take away from the endgame.

Having said all that I figured that I’d leave you with a new track called:




As u listen to the track think to yourself what message is being conveyed and what is actually being delivered.



Took me a while to finally sit down and put thoughts into words and get going on producing some content. But before I do I’d like to give thanks to Supreme Allah Magnetic for adding me to the gossip staff. So here’s to a fruitful future and as the title suggests here we go….

In the past couple of weeks the rap universe has seen the return of Eminem to the forefront of the mainstream conscious. Dropping a surprise album where the self crowned rap god takes several shots at a new generation of rappers. A generation of emcees looked down upon for what’s termed as mumble rap.

This battle of what some feel is real hip hop vs mumble rap has been an ongoing debate for a while now. So many feel vindicated by a well known hip hop figure such as Eminem finally picking up the flag and joining the fight of old vs new.

As for me I call bs. Tbe real hip hop heads never went away to begin with. They’ve fought against the watering down of the genre. I wont begrudge anyone finding entertainment in the music they choose. But hip-hop is more than just entertainment its also about skill and message.

Disappointment is my mind set when I see it took six years for Eminem to finally take a shot at Machine Gun Kelly. This from someone who enjoyed success as a battle rapper. I’m not buying it. Period.

Its not hard to turn on the radio and hear a bunch of manufactured trash. Its more of a task digging into the underground and finding artists who are making real music. No matter the genre be it rock, jazz, hip hop whatever you want to choose. So though many are impressed that their favorite rapper has picked up the same flag as them in the dislike of current pop music. I remember to myself that there are many of us who have been fighting this battle since the start.

So for my first post as a contributor here at COMRADE GOSSIP. I thought speak on this a little bit and then back it up with some receipts.

It wasn’t to long ago that I connected with Supreme Allah Magnetic and combined powers on a few tracks. Since then Supreme has released countless other tracks and features, even a couple albums. But its easy to see from our earliest work together On a track called ” All the clams.” That this battle against mumble rap has been ongoing and we will continue to fight. Supreme clearly states in his verse that “in two years you mumble bums will be irrelevant.”

Any real hip hop head can appreciate Eminem’s contributions to rap. But this falling over themselves to give credit as if he is all alone in this battle of HipHop vs HipPop needs to stop.

Below is the track I mentioned earlier so check it out and let it be the gateway to more of our content. Thanks for reading this post as always feel free to comment. All questions and suggestions welcome.