Yes it’s early. This album is probably won’t come as a surprise to fans. 

The Reflecting Sea (Welcome to a New Philosophy)

by Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic

This is worth a listen to hip hop head, or in my opinion any homosapiens,alien,or anything with ears, or work as such. If the first track don’t getcha. Wait. If the second don’t, I would advise to still continue.  The Washington DC , product put together a album where each track rolls into the next , with tempo change and a since of cohesiveness that hits the mark. Raw Poetic. The emcee are as the name suggest Poetic. Smooth delivery, at any speed the beat called for. Damu has long been one of my sneaky favorites. Always throwing a cut in for acquaintance just to wait for them to ask who’s this? Said for several years he is the overused word underrated producer, dj, musician, and if the likes of the legend Pete Rock, which put out a hittn album not long ago draws your head to bob profusely. You will not be disappointed. But for the GRAMMY people out there make a note , set a reminder , just don’t forget about this. TO DAMU, AND RAW.  THANK YOU!!

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