It’s Amazing What Was Left On This Mountain In Japan

Famous YouTuber Alexi from went out to find the “Legendary Unrecoverable Supra” and much to his surprise he did exactly that. Having only a rough idea of where the car was supposedly located, he ended up finding the once beautiful A70 at the bottom of an extremely steep hillside. The first thing that we noticed from the video was that the steering wheel, glove box, and passenger seat were missing. The legend of the car seems to hold true, the car was caged, leading us to believe he was drifting when he flew down the mountain. It’s quite amazing that he seems to be the only other person to find the car, I haven’t seen any proof before this, and we still don’t know exactly what’s under the hood!

I’ve been reading that a lot of people think the car should be left there in its shallow grave. But, in my honest opinion I think it should either be in a museum, or fully restored to the beautiful Japanese icon it once was.

What do you think?

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