Supreme Allah’s thoughts on Ryan Thompson

I met Ryan two years ago upon arriving at Brooklyn correctional. At least thirteen before I connected the dots he was/is always extremely kind to me. He always let me borrow his music when I asked. Or gave me coffee when I didn’t have any. One day he mentioned being on Dateline and it came back to me. Correctional officers have this sarcastic thing they always say “Everybody’s innocent in jail! Ha-ha right?” No! Many people are falsely convicted, found guilty through trial or plea bargain every single day in Connecticut. For what? So prosecutors can claim success? Public safety? Both are false premises that the average citizen who has not been victimized by our “justice system” might find hard to conceive of. Ambition, greed, and ego are color blind. In Ryan thompson’s case, the ego is when the police could not and still will not concede to making serious errors in their investigation. Having myself been accused of crimes I did not commit, and having been involved with the Nation of Gods and Earths more than half my life it is my duty to stand up for the oppressed and abused. It only makes it more satisfying to try helping a person who showed me kindness without wanting anything in return. Mike (as I call Ryan) is not a danger to society, innocent of the crimes he was convicted of, and it serves nobody’s interest to keep him locked up one day longer. As I am being released in forty days, I will continue to advocate for, No demand Ryan Thompson’s release from prison. As I am a musician, I am trying to use what little fan base I have (I’m grateful for every fan) to help keep this and all injustices not forgotten. If you can’t purchase the album, please everyone donate one dollar to help meet our kickstarter goal. I and I’m sure Ryan, are grateful for your support. Look out for each other people. And always be kind to those in need.


– Supreme Allah Magnetic

One thought on “Supreme Allah’s thoughts on Ryan Thompson

  1. Thank you for writing about the person my brother really is not the person the police and our “justice” system portrayed him to be. #justiceforryanthompson


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