Is Green the New God of Hip-Hop?

I come from behind enemy lines to pose this question– Is Green Hip-hop’s new God? Me being locked up I’m constantly hearing conversations around Hip-Hop (Rap in particular). Mainstream rap has 4 main topics: Money, Women, Drugs, and fake thugs, but it wasn’t always like that. Hip-hop has become so far removed from its origins/essence that it no longer fulfills what Afrika Bambaataa envisioned for the culture in 1974. Afrika Bambaataa unified M.C’s, D.J’s, B-boys/girls, graffiti artists from coast to coast. At the height of his influence, almost every rapper getting a record deal was a member of Zulu Nation. He had a mission for Hip-Hop: educate, entertain, and enlighten.

The degradation of Hip-hop is overwhelmingly apparent. With the hypnotic infusion of pop beats and catchy suggestive hooks Record companies have the world of Hip-hop hostage. The public is in a daze ultimately being brainwashed and dumbed down, conditioning us to be better consumers. This problem isn’t exclusive to rap, both Country and Rock Musicians are complaining about their Labels pushing, rather aggressively, a similar agenda.

On behalf of Hip-hop, I’ll ask: Since when is a “Hit” rap single more hook ( as in the chorus being chanted over 30 times) than actual rap verse? Why is it acceptable that the only successful “rap” music are the songs/albums that push the same propaganda?! Meanwhile, an M.C, who isn’t rapping about cars and designer clothes is being invariably suppressed by the main streams that get played on the radio, at clubs, and showcased in movies. Record companies restrict D.J’s to play the same Top 40 on repeat as they count on Big Name Labels for advertising dollars. Not to mention the suppression of other authentic forms of Hip-Hop expression in the Mainstream as
B-boying/girling and graffiti are denied recognition of their respect forms of art– i.e B-boying not acknowledged as a dance form, and Graffiti being illegitimate art. All of the truest forms of Hip-hop are being subdued by the main streams produced by these record companies painting a bad name on Real Hip-Hop for profit. I ask these questions to the Comrads to bring more awareness to the New God of “hip-hop”, the all mighty dollar.


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