According to a story broken by TMZ, Chris Brown’s celebrity status didn’t earn him the privilege to bring marijuana aboard a private jet, as he and his crew were reportedly booted for smoking on Monday (May 16).  The popular entertainment media corp. claims to have obtained a Miami-Dade police report confirming the incident having taken place at Miami International Airport, as the group settled in for a flight to Cannes.  Brown would eventually dispute the allegations, but not before the TMZ shared a Snapchat video from someone in the group, which captured the men exiting the aircraft.  “We got kicked off the jet for smoking loud,” the recording was labeled.

“Marijuana smoke on the plane?  I think we kinda learned our lesson… I don’t really think we need drugs on the plane,” Brown said in a video he shared with followers on Instagram.  He gloried in looking forward to partying at the French destination before asking fans to question how he possibly be there speaking to them from Cannes, had he been barred from the flight.

TMZ relayed that sources informed them the 27-year-old singer had been warned to refrain from sparking-up, but that his entourage ignored the message from the cockpit.  The smell was so strong that the pilot had to open up windows to air the space out, sources claimed.  But Brown was steadfast in his denial, insinuating that it might have something to do with them being young and rich before turning accusations on the captain.  “You probably should check with the pilot, because he definitely kept asking my homies for an eight ball, and we definitely don’t sell drugs,” he told fans.0517-chris-brown-tmz-4

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